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Tree Removal Services for Homes & Businesses

A dead, dying, or diseased tree poses a considerable hazard to your home or business. In addition to being unattractive, a dead tree can be one strong gust of wind away from injuring someone or damaging your property. Halter Tree Service provides safe, precise tree removal services on residential and commercial properties. 

3 Reasons to Get Rid of Dead & Dying Trees

1) A diseased tree transmits its disease to trees around it
2) Falling branches risk injury to people and pets and damage cars, your home, and other trees
3) Decaying trees attract termites and other pests

Removing trees and shrubs can be a dangerous task that may require special equipment and training. For safe, professional tree removal, call Halter Tree Service at (484) 709-8696 today!

Tree Maintenance & Pruning


How often should I thin my canopy?

What is canopy elevating?

When is a good time to reduce my canopy?

Tree maintenance is an important task for any property owner. Continue reading, or fill out our form below to get started with your free estimate today!

Maintaining Your Trees

Pruning and trimming your trees is a required task every property owner should upkeep and think about doing for the health of their landscape. Experience and ability are also needed to effectively trim and prune, especially fully grown trees. Halter Tree Service knows how to expertly trim your trees. We start our tree pruning from the treetop and continue down the trunk for optimal tree wellness.

We prune and trim trees with long-lasting looks and development in mind. Our staff is trained and experienced in trimming all types of trees native to Pennsylvania. We have the very best devices to prune and cut your trees securely, effectively, and expertly. We offer cost-effective rates with the greatest level of customer support in the business, while taking the effort and time to clean up your house or service correctly.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Tree stumps stay behind after taking down a tree. Stump grinding is the next thing most property owners do after having a tree eliminated. You don’t want a rotting, passing away tree stump on your property. They are both not the nicest to look at as well as a terrific environment for irritating pests like beetles, wasps, bees, ants, rodents and other annoyance animals. Call Halter Tree Service to clean-up your landscape of trees stumps! We offer affordable rates with quality gear, to rapidly and effectively eliminate your tree stumps.

Stump grinding is a procedure of grinding a tree stump down below the surface area of the ground. This allows the location to then be re-planted with either turf, landscape plantings, or perhaps another tree. A spin-off of the stump grinding procedure is wood chips, which can be carried away or re-used someplace in your home or business as mulch or perhaps garden compost.

Landscaping service can be provided after the stump is removed!

Inquire when you schedule with us.

Emergency Storm Cleanup

Our team is available on short notice for trees and large plants downed from storms and weather events, that are blocking roads, driveways and other instances.


Don’t just take our word for it…

Could not be more grateful …

Could not be more grateful for the Halter Tree Service team. After a storm, a tree fell in my yard, and they were able to get out a few days later to take care of the mess.

Elena T.

… second to none!

The professionalism of the Halter Tree Service team onsite was second to none!

Jane E.

… did a great job …

The crew was in and out in a timely manner and did a great job dropping my 4 dead pine trees.

Gregory H.

(maple tree)…came back healthier than ever

Halter Tree Service took all of the dead limbs out of my maple tree last fall. It came back healthier than ever this spring.

Jeffrey E.

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